Make It Your Own! 3 Reasons to Get Customized Belt Buckles


It’s a Tuesday and you feel frustrated to be wearing the same old ratty buckle. It’s time for a change!

People take belt buckles lightly. They are just to keep your pants up, right? Wrong.  Belts tie your overall look together and their impact cannot be underestimated. Continue reading “Make It Your Own! 3 Reasons to Get Customized Belt Buckles”

Your Guide to Buying Just the Right Moccasins!

Minnetonka moccasins have been an American style staple for men, women and children since 1946. When it comes to ‘America’s first footwear’ you have the option of going for classic styles or cool new contemporary cuts. The bottom line is this—no matter what the occasion is, there is a moccasin that fits the bill.

Formal Wear

New shoes can be notoriously uncomfortable when you first slip them on. They are stiff and inflexible with thick leather which doesn’t easily contract or bend. Moccasins were made to provide natural structure to the foot which is what makes them one of the greatest additions to formal wear.

A smooth finished, dark leather moccasin will do wonders for you in a formal setting. These kinds of dress shoes are available for men, women and children in varying styles. You can easily polish them to a high sheen and the dark color matches the dark hues of your clothes.

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Make Her Smile—Black Hills Gold as the Perfect Gift for All Occasions!

Delicate hearts pendants, glittering ring designs and gorgeous leaf accents—these are the things that  come to mind when one thinks of Black Hills Gold jewelry. There are no two opinions on this—if you are looking for an unforgettable gift for the woman in your life, a Black Hills Gold creation is the best way to go.

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for your wife, mother, sister or girlfriend. Our collection of timeless pieces is suitable for all occasions and will make any woman jump with joy!

Necklaces and Lockets

When it comes to the perfect jewelry to gift her, you can never go wrong with a Black Hills Gold necklace. From simple gold necklaces featuring the iconic Black Hills leaf design to glamorous heart pendants with rose gold accents, you can find it all.


Gold Watches

That special woman in your life deserves some pampering! Gift her a piece that is classy, traditional and bedazzling at the same time. Black Hills gold watches are handcrafted with the finest quality workmanship. These gorgeous pieces are complete with lifetime warranty.


Bracelets highlight the feminine side of women’s jewelry and are the ideal gift to offer. They are versatile yet meaningful. From our collection, you can easily find trendy designs for her.

If you are looking to symbolize the special bond you two share, check out our link bracelets. If you want a fun piece of jewelry, why not opt for Landstrom’s Black Hills Gold butterfly bracelet? Its leaf and grade accents make for a fine gift for any occasion.

Fashion Rings

It is impossible not to appreciate the aesthetic appeal and intricate designs of Black Hills Gold rings. Whether it’s for your wife, mother or sister you find a spectacular item in our ring collection.

Our collection includes but is not limited to beautiful ladies’ wedding bands complete with rose gold and green leaf accents as well as diamond horseshoe rings that you can get for her and for yourself!



Picture4       Picture5


Make her Smile with Black Hills Gold

Gold Mountain Trading offers Landstrom’s Original Black Hills Gold creations in unique handcrafted designs. Our captivating pieces are the pride of skilled artisans with 130+ years of experience. Whether you select a Black Hills Gold locket, ring, or watch, there is one thing you can count on—she will fall in love with it!

We offer a variety of products from Western jewelry to customized belt buckles, from Minnetonka moccasins to hats.

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The Cowboys’ Western Wear Became High-Fashion in 2018

cowgirl hat

When we talk about high fashion, most people’s heart skips a beat. Yes, high fashion can be an intimidating word but it’s not just for the runway models!

This season fashion gurus have opted to bring back Western-inspired wear-everything from cowboy boots to statement belt buckles!

Cowboy Boots Back in Style

In the glamorous world of high fashion classic Western wear has made an appearance with a bang! This could mean a lot of things for a lot of people. Some may be rejoicing amidst their Western-culture enamored friends, while others may be groaning out loud.

Nonetheless, these chunky bad boys have made a splashing re-entry for spring/summer ’18. Top designers like Calvin Klein and Coach 1941 have re-introduced the Western staple-cowboy boots-back to the runways. Now, it’s not just country singers like Taylor Swift that’ll be seen kickin’ up some dust. Celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth were recently cited giving everyone major Western nostalgia with their footwear.

cowboy leather boot

From Basic Buckles to Statement Pieces

We’ve definitely come a long way since those early Civil War days when all there was in the name of belt buckles, were basic friction buckles. Gorgeous, dinner-sized buckles were made popular as they started being mass produced in 20th century.

Belt buckles could be seen in almost every West home as it became easier to gain access to these gems at most retail shops.

Today, we’ve reached the age of chic looking buckles which are a far cry from the classic belt buckles. In terms of the designs, material and embellishment options, these modern Western-style pieces are a boon.

customized buckles

Today, fully custom buckles are a must-have for all fashion lovers who crave to leave a strong impression on the minds of those they meet. You have the option of choosing different features like the American flag, animals or your favorite quote!

Can’t wait to get your hands on some extraordinary cowboy merchandise? We have an amazing collection of all things Western which includes cowboy tshirtsminnetonka moccasins and cowboy hats. If you are looking to buy all this stuff online at a reasonable price, Give Gold Mountain Trading a chance!

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The History of Cowboys and their Belt Buckles

Before getting in your car—or mounting your horse for that matter—to buy that new Western-style belt buckle you heard about, why not indulge in some interesting background story of how your favorite buckles came about in the cowboy world?

custom made belts

This is your one-stop blog to finding out all there is to know about your favorite Western buckles and how they arrived on the scene!

Before belt buckles became a cultural phenomenon, suspenders were the item of choice for cowboys. Back in the 1800s, suspenders amalgamated the properties of durableness, sturdiness and functionality in just one item. This came in handy as cowboys needed to tend to their ranches and animals as well as work under the sun all day. However, if there’s anything suspenders lacked, it was the chic look one may want.

The mass production age hadn’t really hit until after the Civil War era (1861-1865).

Hence, buckles were not in as much demand as they are now. In fact, belt buckles, especially the Western-style ones didn’t come into play until in the 1920s! What was used instead were friction belt buckles. These sturdy items were made of brass and after being mass produced became widespread in the cowboy universe.

customized belt buckles

By the 1950s, Western-themed cowboy belt buckles had taken the world by storm. Iconic Hollywood movies featured the West and promoted the cowboy image as rugged, intense and hard to impress.

In fact, Hollywood left no stone unturned in getting the audience raving about the casual yet uber cool demeanor of your typical cowboy. So much so, actual cowboys; previously occupied with functionality, started mirroring the themes in these movies.

Do you want to pay homage to these classic cowboy figures? We’ve got your covered! Our collection of replicas immortalizes icons who strode onto the Hollywood scene looking as cool as John Wayne in True Grit.

Today, Western belt buckles come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular ones, however, remain large chunky buckles with embellishments and engravings. Classic belt buckles are all the rage these days as the personality of a true cowboy can never be standardized. In addition, trophy belt buckles let individual achievements be forever cherished.

If you want to get on the band wagon, try out our premium quality merchandizes specifically designed to give you the ultimate Western feel! Give us a call on (800) 474-9111 to discover a whole new world of cowboy lovin’!

4 Common Mistakes Men Make When Wearing a Belt

Riding out into the Wild Wild West, you can never do without a reliable pair of denim jeans and a statement belt. That said, an astonishingly large number of men make basic yet critical mistakes that break their look.

How a man chooses to wear his belt speaks volumes about his taste and fashion sense! Here’s how you can avoid making those embarrassing fashion faux-pas when it comes to wearing a belt!

guy wearing custom belt buckle

1. Boring Buckles

A good pair of rugged denim jeans is an absolute must-have in your inventory. What’s better than to style that with the perfect buckle? A buckle that tells a story is unique and impressive. Sturdy trophy belt buckles can easily be custom made.

Huge buckles definitely make a bold statement; in fact, the bigger the better!  If there are none that catch your eye at a retail store, why not try fully custom buckles instead? We provide several pocket-friendly designer buckles that’ll make heads turn.

2. Selecting the Wrong Width

brown belt

It’s no secret that picking out the perfect belt from your drawer of belts can be a daunting task.

While there are different occasions you may be heading to, remembering these two golden rules will make your life so much easier!

  • A wide belt (1-1/2″ or 3.9 cm) is more suited for informal orcasual occasions such as your casual Friday office day.
  • A narrow belt (1-1/4″ or 3.4 cm) is made for formal or dressy business days. These give you the chic look to make a good impression.

3. Mismatching Belt Type and Trouser Style

guy on horse

Choose wide leather belts to go with casual denim or cargo pants.

Grey or Khaki flannel trousers or dress pants are a staple in the fashion world for men. These trousers are best paired with narrow solid colored belts such as black, dark brown or navy blue.

4. Uncomplimentary Belt and Boot Colors

While it is true that variety adds spice to life, this should not be taken too seriously when it comes to pairing your belt with your cowboy boots.

Whether you’re going dancing or to the rodeo, the belt and boot colors must be coordinated to achieve that perfect western look. A few must-haves are black, brown and navy-blue color options.

If you’re out to buy premium quality western-style buckles, Gold Mountain Trading is your best bet! We provide heirloom-worthy customized designer buckles complete with your choice of engraving, material, about 500 figure options and much more.

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Custom-Designing Belt Buckles – What You Need to Know

Pearl-snap plaid shirts, straight-fit jeans, and leather hats may all be trending, but custom designed belts are never going out of style.

Custom belt buckles are always going to be there—you can wear them for life and then pass them down to the next generation, making it more valuable for whoever dons it next.

But let’s face it; a large PBR belt buckle in Alpine may not be the best option for a Dallas accountant. But keeping the trophy buckle design in mind, there are plenty of things you can do to create an all-day custom designed buckle.

Here are a few things you should know:

The Type

The ‘trophy’ part refers to buckle features that say ‘Texas’, which is often the preference of cowboys or those looking to rock one for an event.

customised belt buckles

But if you’re an ordinary person who wants a belt buckle designed with similar features, you can go for a horseshoe or even a Ranger style buckle. Such buckles come in 3 to 4 pieces with two loops that keep the buckle together.

The Design

Before you place the order, you need to choose from a range of metals—gold, sterling silver, bronze or steel.

Next, you need to choose the design and any embellishments which could range from jewels and plenty of other insets. But considering the fact that a silversmith may have to spend more than 150 hours on one belt buckle, be patient.

More importantly, be prepared for a practically priced bill since the man hours put in along with cost of materials can be costly.

The Style

So it all boils down to the style—whether you like the product you end up with, or not.

What will you wear along with the custom belt buckle? There’s a rule to this—the smaller the buckle, the dressier you should be.designer belt buckle

You can also ask the silversmith to screw the buckle onto the belt for easy transferability when the belt wears out. However, most custom trophy belt buckles have a snap on clip.

Also, to make the belt buckle last long, treat it like your favorite tea set. Give it a buff once every month and it will stay the same for years!

At Gold Mountain Trading, we let clients create some of the most delicate, handcrafted, custom belt buckles. Get in touch with us today and learn more about how we can help you create your favorite all day trophy belt buckle.