Western-Style Gifts for Your Classic Western Man

Man with gun

Being a fan of those rustic western movies, your man would obviously have a style of his own, one that’s more in tune with the rugged attitude and fashion of those gun-slinging heroes who’d save the village in the end— and look good while doing it!

With such a man by your side, it only stands to reason that they receive the best gifts for their special day that would appeal to the western enthusiast in them!

Gifts for the Classic Western Man

· Moccasins

Comfortable and stylish, moccasins can be either worn around the house, or with any stylish outfit when going out. Elegantly designed, these shoes are a great choice for men who need to be on their feet during the day.

· Custom Belt Buckle

Get your man a high quality belt buckle that’s custom-made to their preference. Check and see if they have a family symbol, or an insignia that’s a part of their life i.e. a college logo. Or do something different and celebrate a personal victory by having the buckle carved with a statement of their achievement. Whatever your choice may be, a custom belt buckle will not steer you wrong.

· Fringed Boots

Are you really a cowboy though, if you don’t have those classic fringed boots to go along with your jeans, plaid shirt and cowboy hat? Even if your man has a selection of boots, they could always use more. Fringed boots are available in a range of colors (and at affordable prices) at Gold Mountain Trading so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

· Western Hats

Even if your man has everything related to the western style in their wardrobe, they’d still be grateful if you gift them a classy cowboy hat. Available in felt, straw and leather, you’ll be able to choose from a fine selection of western hats that would definitely go with any style.

· Jewelry

This is a great choice if your man likes to add a bit of bling to their style. However, if they don’t like something too out there, you could always go with a simple Humanity bracelet. Inscribed with the virtues that make our world a better place, this simple but beautiful bracelet in fine pewter is a meaningful, sweet gift that they’ll cherish for a long time.

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Becoming John Wayne – How to Complete the Classic Cowboy Look

cow boy and background

Copying the look of the quintessential, All-American dreamboat that was John Wayne is not an easy task. With his cool macho look, swaying gait and energetic spirit, John Wayne could carry off any style he pleased, which is probably why so many people consider him as a style icon, even in the modern minimalist fashion era.

But there wasn’t much involved in making him look like the rugged cowboy he was to begin with. All you need is the right wardrobe, style and the confidence to pull off your own embodiment of the Duke!

Here’s what you need

A Classic Jacket

A rustic style jacket would do just the trick. You could try a tweed or corduroy jacket, since that is what the Duke usually wore. Easy to find, and available in a number of textures and styles, these jackets are super comfortable and would fall in your price range. Try to avoid the western-style coats that you might find in your general western clothing stores. They’re usually of poor quality and outdated in terms of style so there’s really no point in buying such a jacket.

Small-Print Shirt

In the olden days, people would usually wear full-sleeve shirts with tiny patterns, alongside solid colored shirts, so there are no worries about sticking with just one style. You can go with either style. But try to mix and match with the size of the patterns. If you’re going with a corduroy jacket that has a big pattern, pair it with a solid color shirt, or one with small pattern so it doesn’t clash.

Pants, Not Jeans

High-waisted pants are a great option, rather than jeans. With the newer styles, you’ll find many pants that are designed with the same cut as a good pair of jeans. However, if you’re not a fan, it’s okay to go with your old pair of denim. Just make sure that they’re plain and not distressed. Nothing like a pair of jeans with fake wear-and-tear to ruin the look!

Custom-Made Belt Buckle

This subtle form of fashion is an absolute must-have for any John Wayne fan. A pinnacle of subtle western style, the custom belt buckle can either be designed to have a family insignia engraved on it. Or you could go another way and wear a trophy buckle. Whichever you choose, make sure it doesn’t overpower the rest of your look.

The Classic Hat

man with horse

John Wayne would usually wear gray or silver western hats. After all, black hats were only worn by the bad guys. Silver or gray hats tend to look better on those with a ruddier complexion. If you have a paler complexion or yellow skin tone, you could do well with a black hat as well.

Cowboy Boots

Caramel-colored fringed boots to be exact. Moccasin boots tie the whole look together and are really comfortable to wear. Just be sure to buy the right size and a simpler design so it doesn’t clash with your overall attire.

Completing the Look

Last but not the least, if you truly want to be authentic to John Wayne’s style, buy the Replica John Wayne Pistol Frame Set. The details and quality of these pieces make them well-worth the price!

And there you have it! Follow the above details and you’ll surely be able to pull of the classic John Wayne look!

Dress Like a Real Western Cowboy in 5 Easy Steps

cow boy

Every American kid dreams of being a cowboy. As the quintessential role models for strong men who’d save the day and ride off into the sunset, these men were brave and awesome, not to mention stylish.

Since you’re dressing as a cowboy, it’s important that you do all you can to look just as stylish as well. After all, you’re going to be filling in some big shoes!

Here’s how you can pull off the perfect look:

Five Steps to Dressing like a Cowboy

1. Get the Ideal Cowboy Hat

You’ll have a lot of options when buying cowboy hats such as leather, straw and felt hats. Price wise, straw are less expensive than felt hats.

So if you’re going for a felt hat, always buy one from a reputable company. If you’d rather not spend so much on a felt hat, go with the classic straw or leather hat. Just make sure that you have the right fit.

You’ll have a chart available for size, but if you’re still confused about your size, simply contact the hat maker and ask them to explain how you should measure your noggin.

2. Classic-Style Boots are Important

cowboy shoes

Fringed boots are quite popular if you’re looking for a good option.

Find boots that have a flat heel and a square or round toe, whichever one’s more comfortable. You can get tall riding heels but they may be less practical if you’re going to walk more than ride.

With boots as well, you’ll be spoilt for choice and won’t have to worry about your budget either. If you shop from Gold Mountain Trading, you’ll be able to buy comfortable, fashionable boots under $100.

3. Be Creative with Your Belts

Belts are an important accessory for any cowboy. Trophy buckles on their best are proof that they know their way in the arena, so you can’t just wear any buckle.

A great recommendation would be a simple buckle with a design, rather than intials.

However, if you want to be creative, go with a custom belt buckle and have your own personal design or brand on it. And be sure to use it on a leather belt for more authenticity.

4. Pair it all with the Right Jeans

Signature western jeans will work well. Go for slightly baggy, comfortable jeans instead of skin-tight jeans.

cowboy with his wife

Since you’re wearing them with your boots, wear a length that doesn’t make your jeans sag at the bottom. Instead, they should just stack a bit and cover the tops.

If you already have a pair of jeans but they don’t have that perfect look, go to the dry cleaners and get a heavy starch. That’ll do the trick!

5. Buy the Classic Cowboy Shirt

A simple classic button-down shirt with long-sleeves, that’s what you want. There are many western shirts out there but if you want to put some effort into your appearance, do some research on the different styles that the men used to wear.

Stay away from shirts with funky graphics and colors. Classic prints are your safest choice. And be sure to iron it. Nothing ruins the overall look more than a crinkled shirt.

Start Shopping!

Gold Mountain Trading has a special selection for you! Go ahead and check our collection of customized belt buckles, western hats and more and buy what you need!

Custom Handmade Belt Buckles Make Great Gifts For Your Man!

Forget flowers, clothes and perfumes – now is the time to use your creativity and gift your man something that would let him show off his swag in the most perfect way!

belt buckleWith Gold Mountain Trading, you have the opportunity to add that special personal touch to such a gift by using our services to have the highest quality belt buckles custom-designed to suit your unique ideas.

However, before you go calling us with your design details, think about the occasion. Which event warrants such a wonderful, unique gift?

Here are some moments which we think would be perfect for a special-designed belt buckle gift:


When it comes to weddings, you want to have something that sets your gift apart from the rest. Whether you’re planning to gift the groom a belt buckle, or use it as a special accessory to highlight the day by adding it as a cake topper for your country-themed wedding, having one custom-made for the event would definitely make it a cherished ornament.


There’s a reason class rings are so popular. Graduation marks the confirmation of an educational achievement, one which we all work very hard for. So it stands to reason that we’d want something that would commemorate such a life-changing event. With a custom made belt buckle, you’d have something that would signify your pride in your achievement, just like a class ring, but country style!

Business Branding

Every man is proud of his job and the hard work put into it. If your man runs his own business, use this opportunity to have their company name and logo customized onto a belt buckle so they can wear it out and proud. Who knows, you might even start a new branding opportunity for them if other people start asking for a custom belt too!

Celebrating Veteran

Show your appreciation by honoring your nation’s veterans with a  customized belt that honors their service for a specific war. Design the belt to represent their area of service i.e. Marines, Army, Navy, Coast Guard or the Air Force

custom belt buckles

Family Celebrations

Is there a special event in the family? Get the family crest designed on the buckle. While simple engravings will look good on the buckle, using the family crest or the family motto and incorporating that in the design will make it even more special for your man.

Gold Mountain Trading is at Your Service!

Use our services to give your man the gift he deserves!

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Gold Mountain Trading: The Ultimate Online Shop for Western Fashion Accessories

A unique style adopted by individuals living in the Wild West in the 19th century, western wear has carried on into recent times by many. Western wear is in a class of its own, offering you a way to express your individuality in a way that stands out.

At Gold Mountain Trading, we provide a vast variety of western apparel and accessories to choose from. All our products are of superior quality, and offer individuals a way to fully assimilate themselves into western fashion!

gmt 1

Cowboy Hats

What’s a cowboy without his cowboy hat? At Gold Mountain Trading, we offer a varied and vast selection of western cowboy hat options.

We have in our collection leather, felt, and straw cowboy hats, available in a number of different designs and sizes.

Cowboy and Cowgirl T-Shirts

You can purchase cowboy and cowgirl t-shirts online from our store! We have a selection of western wear themed prints to choose from, sure to fulfill all your western tee needs.

Each t-shirt comes available in a number of different sizes for the convenience of our customers, ranging from small to extra large.

Top quality material, and amazing discounted prices—this is a deal you can’t pass up.

Customized Belt Buckles

A quintessential western wear item is, of course, the loud and proud belt buckle. Gold Mountain Trading has premium silver and brass handcrafted custom buckles, all of which can be customized according to your specifications.

Old West Replica Badges

Our collection of old west replica badges features a variety of designs, including the U.S. Marshall bade, the Silver Star badge, as well as the Pony Express badge. Each badge can be customized in terms of shape, color, and design.

John Wayne Replicas

We also supply John Wayne replicas to our customers, the perfect items for fans and collectors. These products are great way to pay homage to such a crucial figure in the Old West American depiction.

Minnetonka Moccasins & PBR Items

Our online store also has in stock premium quality products from Minnetonka Moccasins and Professional Bull Riders. You can take your pick of PBR belt buckles and leather watches.

All Minnetonka Moccasins, shoes, and hats are made of the finest leather, offering comfort, style, and durability.

Give us a call at (800) 474-9111 for more information on our products. We offer free express shipping on all orders over $50 in the U.S.

How to Dress Like a Cowboy: Living it Up Western Style

The cowboy look isn’t just a fashion trend, it’s a whole lifestyle! While not a style for everyone, it’s definitely up there on the list of looks that are undeniably rugged and attractive.

Looking to get into the western lifestyle and channel your inner cowboy? Here’s a simplistic guide on what to watch out for when picking out your cowboy look.

gmt 1


When you think cowboy, the image you’re likely to get is of a rugged man donning the traditional cowboy hat. This is a key element to completing the whole look.

A hat is generally adorned by cowboys to keep themselves cool as they work in the heat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it as a fashionable accessory! You get cowboy hats in different kinds of materials and style, including leather, felt, and straw.


Neither too tight nor too baggy, a reliable pair of jeans is a crucial step in the western lifestyle. Comfortable, durable, and simple—get straight leg or boot cut jeans to really step into your cowboy look with ease.


Paired with your jeans, you need a good belt, and an even better belt buckle. A wide belt with a large metal buckle can help you really pull off the cowboy style. Generally, cowboys wear belts with handcrafted custom buckles which are made of brass or silver, and they engrave these buckles with a variety of themed designs.


If you’re looking to go western, then you’re going to have to look the part from top to bottom. That means you need to consider not only what you sport on your head, but on your feet as well.

Boots are the go-to style for the quintessential cowboy, so you’re going to want to invest in a pair that is sturdy yet fashionable. A decent quality leather boot with a wooden heel, and you’re good to go.

gmt 2

If you’re in the market for revamping your look and taking a turn toward the western lifestyle, then Gold Mountain Trading is your best bet for taking your pick of reasonably priced western wear!

We provide our customers with top quality cowboy and cowgirl t-shirts online, as well as felt, leather, and straw cowboy hats. You can also find customized belt buckles and old west replica badges at Gold Mountain Trading, which can be tailored to your preferences accordingly.

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Investments: Why Choose Gold?

When one thinks of gold, luxury, riches and abundance comes to mind. As a precious metal, gold is an asset held in high regard by many, and for good reason.

Investing in gold may just be the best long-term decision you make—and we’re here to explain why!


Guarantee of Quality

Most gold bars and coins are produced in a way that they are held up to a certain fixed standard of weight and quality, presenting buyers with a standard that is guaranteed. Buyers can purchase with confidence, and selling gold off is also a pretty transparent affair.

Inflation Insurance

Precious metals serve as a solid insurance against the effects of inflation. At a time where the economy is in a state where it is flourishing, the prices of gold tend to be quite low. The opposite is true as well—when presented with difficulty in the economy, gold prices, as well as those of silver, tend to go upwards quite rapidly. It’s a win-win situation!

Global Acceptance

If you are in possession of the precious metal in physical form, then you have an investment that is accepted all over the world. This is not true for most other investment options such as stocks and mutual funds.

Supply is Limited

As gold is a precious metal present in limited supply on earth, this makes it all the more valuable. As the supply is steadily used up, the value keeps creeping higher and higher, making it a popular choice for investors as a result.

gmt 2

If you’re thinking about making an investment in gold, a great way to do so is through gold jewelry. With this kind of jewelry, you don’t just get fashion appeal but a significantly sound investment and store of value.

It’s a tangible way to not only enjoy your gold store but to secure for yourself a long-term financial investment that can come in handy in the long-run.

At Gold Mountain Trading, we provide customers with original Black Hills gold creations from Landstrom. Quite the unique products that are hand-crafted and offer meticulous workmanship, you can browse through our selection of rings, watches, bracelets, and necklaces for the right product for you.

Other than that, we also offer customized belt buckles, straw cowboy hats, customized badges, and more. Give us a call at 800-474-9111 to get more information. We offer free shipping on orders $50 and over.


As Good As My Leather: Tips For Hat Maintenance

There’s nothing like a hat to top off any outfit—accessorizing your attire can be key in bringing it to completion, and a hat is as good as any item to bring about that effect.

One popular option, particularly for those who have a penchant for western wear, is that of leather hats. These are quite the trendy accessory, serving to completely transform your look and if you are really looking to buy western hats, there are numerous options to consider!


However, with an item like this, it’s essential to have the proper knowledge at hand about how to take clean it and protect it from damage. Leather maintenance can be tricky, but with the right guidance, you can ensure your leather hat will last you for a long time to come.


When you’re not wearing your hat, you want to make sure you store it the right way and in the right location. If you’re putting it away on a flat surface, make sure to rest it on its crown rather than the brim, as that will lead to the brim flattening out and losing shape.

For long-term storage, your best option is to get a box that offers support to both brim and crown. As heat and moisture present a threat to your hat, make sure the place you store your box is cool and dry.

gmt 3

Cleaning and Maintenance

Leather can be particularly tricky to know how to take care of in the right manner. The specific kind of care depends on the leather you are dealing with, but for most leathers, you can invest in a top quality leather conditioner that can be used every 3 months or thereabouts.

This conditioner can help prolong the life of your leather hat and offer protection from water and heat damage. You can also invest in leather protectors that can do a good job of shielding your hat from wear and tear, allowing you to enjoy it for a longer period of time!

If you follow the rules to a T, then you can be rest assured you won’t have to worry about your leather hat looking a little worn around the edges any time soon!

If you’re looking to purchase a leather hat, then Gold Mountain Trading is your best bet to buy cowboy hats online. We provide western hats in leather, felt, and straw—amongst a number of other western themed products.

We also supply leather products from Minnetonka Moccasin, ensuring a firm standard of quality and reasonable pricing. Our clients can get free delivery on all orders $50 and above. Give us a call at 800-474-9111 to find out more!